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DREAMGRIP VISIO PRO Ultra Low Distortion Lens Set

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DREAMGRIP VISIO PRO: Discover the smartphone lens set designed and manufactured with high precision to process professional grade low distortion and high definition photo/video content. Wide Angle Lens: Wide lens brings more objects to the frame be extending the view angle by 40% wider. The lens provides cinematic perspective by enlarges the visual space with the motion acceleration effect. Wide lens is good for panoramic shots with infinity focus, like landscapes. But it is also great for shots in small rooms, creative perspectives and dynamic scenes. Telephoto Portrait Lens Telephoto lens brings objects closer and is the best for taking portrait images with the blurred background behind the face or the object in focus. You can use the selective focus for video as well. For instance you can bring an object from the blurred zone at the back to the zone of sharpness that makes the video content look professional and attractive. Macro 10x Lens Macro lens set has the magnification ratio 10 and shows the things 10 times bigger from their original size. It reveals material structures, surface textures, enlarges small and micro objects both for documentary and cinematic shoots. With the lens you can show the world as it looks from ant's point of view with all the details hidden from human eyes. The Best And Steady Shots With DREAMGRIP Evolution Rigs For the best steady and safe and convenient hold it's recommended to use Evolution Rig to connect and align a lens to your smartphone. It will be fixed better, held safely and aligned easily with the Rig Optics Adapter system. Once you start using the lenses with just a smartphone camera it makes you able to shoot far better images due to extended number of the frame size, view angles, focus depth, and visual effects thereof.

  • All-In-One OPTICS SET: VISIO PRO includes 3 lenses 17mm size (Wide Angle, Telephoto Portrait, and Macro) ready to use with any smartphone
  • The VISIO PRO Set also includes LENS CARE KIT - 3 Original double layer microfiber Protective Transportation Pouches – one for each lens, 1 Original lens cleaning Microfiber Cloth with pouch and spring hook and 1 lens cleaning foldable brush for safely keeping and carrying all the lenses
  • Ready To Use With ANY Smartphone - Standard set features the clip to mount the lens directly to any smartphone camera for taking pictures; You just need to screw selected lens in and clip it on with aligning center-to-center to the phone camera
  • All lenses 100% compatible with Evolution Rig (37mm to 17mm lens adapter ring is included), but also can be used with any threaded connector with 17mm size

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