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How to Throw a Backyard Party this Winter

How to Throw a Backyard Party this Winter

It’s often overlooked, but taking that winter birthday party or New Year's Eve celebration outside can be the right setting for a cozy, charming and fun-filled gathering. Cold weather may seem like your biggest obstacle when temperatures drop; but who says you have to bear the cold? By putting together all the right elements, you'll find yourself surrounded by warmth, in a festive winter (or fall) wonderland.

Here are 5 ways to bring warmth to your outdoor party:

1. Start a burning fire

A fire makes an excellent focal point at any party. It brings warmth and excitement. Gathering around, roasting marshmallows, and watching the fire burn will bring the great outdoors right outside your home – think of it like camping! If you can’t have a fire pit or chiminea in your backyard, you can bring warmth to your party with outdoor heaters, as well – look for heating lamps, lava seats, and patio heaters.

2. Decorate with lights

This will help create a festive, cozy, and romantic atmosphere! Light candles, hang string lights, add lanterns and anything else that will light the way – this will keep your guests out of the dark (literally).

3. Add comfort food

Choose foods that are simple yet fun. Finger food is highly recommended. Here are some ideas: kebabs, fries, cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, s’mores, or anything filled with warm spices, such as chilli. Warm beverages, like hot chocolate and apple cider, are also the perfect way to add a soothing warmth to the party.

4. Sprinkle with cozy accents

You can add curtains to lock in the heat and make a more private space. Wool blankets and throw pillows will also add comfort. For seating: think picnic tables, stacks of hay, or any patio furniture. A variety of cozy accents will make all the difference when it comes to warmth.

5. Take cover (outdoors)

Just in case the rain begins to fall, it’s good to have an outdoor cover as an alternative. For those of you with an awning, covered porch, or patio; you’re already set! If not, you can use a canopy, gazebo, or a large tent.

Throwing a winter party may sound like an ambitious project, but hopefully these ideas will inspire you to throw some winter festivity of your own and not let that cold weather stop you.

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