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How to Redefine Your Wardrobe with Fall Outfits

How to Redefine Your Wardrobe with Fall Outfits

As the season transitions from Summer to Fall, it’s easy to get caught up in buying a whole new wardrobe, especially with new, current fashion trends in our face (literally). However, this poses the question of whether or not it is worth our time and money. 

For many of us who are on a budget – or who simply enjoy saving time – a wardrobe that only needs some minor altering, or a couple new pieces each season, is exactly what we need for the long run. So, how do we do this?

1. Keep your summer clothes, for maximum wear.

That summer dress doesn’t necessarily have to head to storage right away – the trick is to layer with warmer textures and colours that suit the season. Pair that dress with some tights, leggings, add a scarf, a cardigan, a blazer, boots, or all of the above! Ignoring the rules can have many benefits.

2. Consider each item you own in your wardrobe.

Get creative and think of as many ways that each clothing piece could be worn. You’ll get much more out of your wardrobe for less. Adjusting to a more minimalistic closet can save you time, money and the environment (if the constant cycle of fast-fashion is a concern of yours). Try a romper or shorts with tights, or a knit pullover with a floral blouse peeking out. You may be surprised by the many variations you come up with.

3. Take inventory.

This may sound boring, but it can be incredibly rewarding once completed. Go through what you have, setting aside the clothes that you never wear. Divide clothes that are in need of repair from those that need to be donated or washed. Anything that you feel you will not wear, ever – add it to the donation pile. This process takes time, but having all of the clothing you own accounted for will take the weight off your chest. You’ll be confident that there won’t be mornings that you think to yourself: “I have tons of clothes and nothing to wear.”

4. Build a few outfits with what you have.

Once you’ve put together a “keep” pile of clothes, put together a few fall outfits that work with the cooler weather. Mix and match as much as possible. Stick to a few staples of clothing that will go with almost anything. Having a few outfits already in mind that you know you have will make getting dressed each morning an absolute breeze.

5. Take note of what’s missing - then shop!

As you go along considering each clothing piece, and building those Fall outfits, you’ll start to find out any pieces you may be missing. Whatever piece it may be, take note as you go. This will prepare you with a list of exactly what you need for your shopping trip this Fall.

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