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How to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Have you ever had your favourite blouse fade or start to pill within a month after buying it? It can be frustrating, especially knowing you spent hard-earned money on it. While buying quality garments can make a difference in the longevity, the difference between 6 months of wear versus 2 or more years of wear is all in the care.

1. Wash in cold water.

Spare your hot water and switch to cold-water washes. This will prevent shrinkage and any fading to your garments. It’s also worth noting that many care labels found on clothing items either recommend or require a cold cycle only.

2. Don’t wash after every wear.

Not every wear requires a wash afterward. Say you wore a pair of jeans for one day - unless you went for a jog in them, you can probably re-wear them again before washing. This will not only help those jeans last longer, but save you time and energy!

3. Air-dry your clothes.

Tossing all of your laundry into the dryer is always tempting. It’s easy and fast. The downside of the dryer is that it isn’t so nice to fabrics. It can shrink some garments – whether all at once, or little by little overtime. In addition to this, using the dryer causes fading and weakens the fabric. The solution? Air-drying. Hang up your garments to dry instead, and they will remain sturdier, without shrinking or fading for longer.

4. Wash inside-out.

If you own any garments with graphic prints, buttons, beads, sequins or detailing of any kind, turning them inside-out before washing is essential. Doing this will prevent snagging while in the wash, and also fading or general wear of the detailing. Also, turning your sweater inside out before washing will prevent pilling.

5. Use alternate methods to iron your clothes.

A traditional iron is not always the best for your clothing. It can potentially press stains deeper into the fabric. On the upside, there are easier and quicker ways to de-wrinkle your clothing without the potential risk. A steamer is a good alternative, as it can be used to smooth out wrinkles fast, on even more delicate fabrics like silk. Don’t have a steamer? There are many frugal ways to get rid of fabric wrinkles with no more than a spray bottle here.

6. Let your clothing rest.

That favourite sweater of yours will wear quickly if its worn for a week straight. By the end of the month it will be time to buy another new sweater! Alternating garments gives your clothing a break, giving them more longevity.

7. Read fabric care labels.

It’s good to know what type of cycle is required, just in case. If the care label calls for cold water, overlooking this may result in your garment being shrunk a size or two smaller. Knowing the required water temperature and whether or not it can survive the dryer are probably the two most important aspects of the care label.

8. Don’t add too much laundry detergent.

Adding too much detergent can actually cause it to settle into the fabric, making it stiff and dull. Instead, use only half the amount of detergent recommended by the manufacturer, you’ll find that your clothes will come out clean without going through as much detergent. Plus, you’ll save money!

Giving your clothes the right care may involve a little extra time, but it is no doubt that the efforts will spare you another shopping spree to replace garments from last season. In the long run, you’ll save time and money.

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