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New items in-store daily! Find your nearest store
Easy Recycling Options in BC (that may surprise you!)

Easy Recycling Options in BC (that may surprise you!)

As you make your way to dispose of something, you might find yourself occasionally standing in front of the bin, wondering, “Can I or can I not recycle this?”

The answer is yes more often than you think.

To clear the air (literally), here is a breakdown of items in your household that you probably didn’t know you can recycle in British Columbia:

Nike shoes

If you own a pair of Nike shoes you want to get rid of, consider donating them for maximum use. However, if they’re too worn, bring them to your nearest Nike location! With their Reuse-a-Shoe Program, Nike reuses athletic shoes to create a new material. This material is called Nike Grind, which is used to make surfaces like turf fields, courts and tracks for athletes.'

CDs and DVDs

If you have any damaged or old CDs/DVDs, you can drop them at a London Drugs or Best Buy location to be recycled.


That VHS player may be gathering dust, or perhaps you need to dispose of an old cellphone. There are dozens of places that will accept your old electronics to be recycled. Best Buy, London Drugs, and Apple will all accept a variety of electronics.


You can return herbal products, prescription and non-prescription drugs, vitamin supplements and even throat lozenges to participating pharmacies near you in British Columbia.

Alkaline and rechargeable batteries

All household batteries can be recycled that are alkaline or rechargeable. Here are a handful of retailers that recycle them for free: Staples, Best Buy, London Drugs, The Source, and Canadian Tire.

Plastic shopping bags and overwrap

Retail stores such as Safeway, Save-On-Foods, and Walmart can collect plastic shopping bags and plastic film for recycling! Find out more here.

At bronershop, recycling is conjoined with our goals of extending the life-cycle of products. We offer discounted, quality products through our recommerce system, which supports the reuse of gently used, refurbished/recertified and open-box goods.

Visit us at one of our stores, or browse our latest arrivals and current flyer.

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