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Beautiful Inexpensive Wedding Ideas

Beautiful Inexpensive Wedding Ideas

YES. It is possible to have it all on your wedding day without paying more than $5,000. Some of the best ways to cut costs, without making big sacrifices, is to opt for an out-of-the-box idea. In other words, be inventive! Believe it or not, there’s no need to spend all your money.

Here are 6 great ideas to consider for your big day!

1. Pick a unique location

Some of the best and most charming places to have a wedding are in nature. It could be at a friend’s backyard, a park, or on a beach. You should even consider hosting your wedding at your home.

Gather ideas and check if there’s someone near you that can offer you the right space. You might be surprised by how many wedding reception spaces there are that will cost either $0 or next to nothing.

2. Set up a registry for your honeymoon

If you love travel more than gifts, then skip wedding presents for a special honeymoon instead! Ask for monetary contributions toward your vacation together rather than receiving wedding presents. Another option is to create a registry for your honeymoon – your guests can even have access to see what kind of trip their contribution will go towards. A memorable trip will last forever, while a bundle of extra stuff might only gather dust.

3. Photograph frugally

Today, there’s no need to shell out thousands of dollars for a photographer. Inexpensive photography alternatives are available everywhere – and this can be applied to your wedding photos.

Hire a photographer for only a 2 to 3-hour window, and then utilize a great photo app for everyone attending the wedding to share their photos! Considering that the majority of us now own a smartphone with impressive cameras, it’s a no-brainer. Here’s an app that others have found successful using at their weddings: Eversnap.

4. Eat offbeat

Did you know that the average price to feed everyone at a wedding is about $60 per person? For a wedding with 30 guests, that’s $1,800. Then toss in the dinnerware charges and you have even more expenses to account for.

Instead of dealing with those costs, skip the traditional event caterers and choose something more offbeat: such as your favourite local, family-owned restaurant – or perhaps there’s someone you know who is a brilliant cook and would be willing to help you. You’ll be supporting an independent business or friend while also saving heaps of money.

5. Save the flowers for last

Some of us want specific flowers, of a specific number, per table.. and so on. The problem is that when the flowers make up the main decor feature of the wedding, it costs a hefty price. So why not skip this tradition?

Use flowers as an accentuator, that simply adds the final touch. The best and most frugal part about this is it can be any type of flower, and it can be purchased at the last minute! Gather a variety of beautiful flowers to accent your wedding, the day of. You’ll pay next to nothing, and you’ll feel like you beat the system.

6. Consider a thrifty or vintage dress

This is probably one of the toughest ones to go frugal with, BUT the truth is you don’t need an expensive designer wedding gown to look amazing. You can do more with less, looking just as fabulous in a wedding dress that you bought off the rack, vintage, or second-hand. Another option is to consider renting a wedding dress. It’s all in the strategy, not the price tag.

So there you have it! These tips will help slim down the cost of your special day. What’s most important is determining what matters the most at your wedding, and setting a clear, realistic budget.

Ask yourself, does a single item of your special day hold as much value as a long-term goal you wish to invest in? Home ownership, starting your own business, travelling the world or your wedding? Your wedding day can be beautiful without breaking the bank.

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