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6 Tips on How to be an Outdoor Workout Cameleon

6 Tips on How to be an Outdoor Workout Cameleon


It’s hard to deny the benefits of an outdoor workout. Going for a run, a walk in the park, or an outdoor bike-ride means a number of very good things: better air, a better workout, and a disconnect from day-to-day distractions through immersing yourself in nature.

Perhaps you’re looking to take your regular workout outdoors this year, or simply interested in cutting down on gym costs. Either way, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the health benefits and financial savings that an outdoor workout offers.

Here are 6 tips to keep you running, biking, and all-around exercising outdoors throughout the entire year.

1. Find parks with fitness equipment
There’s an abundance of parks with workout stations within and around Vancouver. There is Burnaby’s Central Park, Queens Park New Westminster, Kitsilano Beach, Douglas Park, Prince Edward Park, and more! But if you don’t live near one of these parks, don’t worry! You can use almost any outdoor playground bench, swingset and monkey bar set. Learn more here.

2. Map out your running routes
Plan how far you want to go and choose routes that you enjoy, whether it be running along a trail, running up several flights of stairs (Grouse Grind), or running on pavement. The best running route boils down to your personal preference, and it will keep you on your feet (literally), because you'll enjoy it most.

3. Choose the right time of day
Are you a morning person? Or do you prefer working out in the evening? Find out what time of day you like best and a time that works well with your weekly schedule. When it comes to weight training, just keep in mind that your muscles are more warmed up and less likely to sustain injury later in the day.

4. Make challenges for various weather conditions
Is it cold and raining outside? Set a new challenge like running an intensive trail with greater inclination - the rain and cool air will act as an AC and wash away the sweat. Conversely, hotter summer days are the perfect time to go out swimming or hone your paddleboarding skills.

5. Revise monthly goals and track your progress
Set measurable goals that are specific and within a time-frame. Tracking your distance, speed etc., can be very rewarding and encouraging because it allows you to see the progress you make. Not everyone will have the same fitness goals, but there are all kinds of fitness trackers that will help you track those goals. If you’re in need of one, you can get one for less here.

6. Get the gear
Whether you’re biking through the winter season or running through summer humidity, be sure to get the necessary gear. Technical fabrics work best since it’s light in weight, breathable, and keeps you dry throughout your exercise routine.

If you’re looking to get fitness gear, you can find many of your fitness necessities at discounted prices by checking out our Outdoors and Sports section.

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