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10 Household Tips to Stay Cool During Summer

10 Household Tips to Stay Cool During Summer

Summer is here - and it is hot out!

Here are 10 household tips to keep you cool all summer season:

1. Shut the windows and doors. This is especially good to do if it is much hotter outside than it is inside - keep that heat out!

2. Air-condition the house. No air-conditioner? Freeze 2 or 3 bottles of water and then place them in front of a fan - the air will be cooled by the ice as it melts. If you prefer the real deal, you can find great air-conditioners by checking out our latest stock here: Air-conditioners.

3. Turn on the air-conditioning and the fan. An air-conditioner can make all the difference, but having a fan going at the same time is even better - this helps the cooler air move throughout the entire house.

4. Face the fan out the window. When the sun goes down, and temperatures outside become lower than they are inside, bring your fan to the window and face it so the air blows out. This allows the hot air to get pulled out, and the cooler air to flow in.

5. Skip drying your dishes and your laundry in a machine. That is right, skip it! Using the dryer for your laundry only gives off more heat - same goes for the dishwasher. Let the clothes hang dry and the dishes sit and air dry.

6. Cool your mattress. Placing soft ice gel packs under or between the sheets of your mattress helps to keep your bed cool when it’s time to sleep. You can also achieve this by freezing a sock filled with rice. The rice will help contain the cold temperature.

7. Say goodbye to the oven. Cook meals instead on the stove, barbecue or microwave, to stay cool this season.

8. Go for lighter meals with plenty of vegetables and fruits. Heavier meals in the heat may zap your energy. Instead, go for a dish with vegetables or fruits - it will be easier to digest, and keep you hydrated in the sun. Here are some easy summer recipe ideas.,,20398568,00.html

9. Change your bedding. Switch to a lighter coloured and less heavy material. Since darker colours absorb more heat, opt for lighter tones. Fabric-wise, switch to a material that is breathable, like cotton.

10. Take advantage of your cooling spots. You can cool down your body by applying an ice-pack or a bottle of ice-cold water to certain areas of the body, like your ankles, wrists or behind your knees. Visit here to learn more.


Last, but not least: drink plenty of water, and enjoy your summer!

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